Monday, December 13, 2010

Do You Desire To Adopt a Baby?

"Interested in adopting a baby? Frustrated with the adoption system, Tammi went to the local abortion clinic on LATE abortion day. She introduced herself to all aborting moms; and offered to adopt their babies. The very first time she went, God gave her a baby! She was holding her son Kyle in her arms at home two months later. Why don't you try it? (I received this suggestion from my friends the Seppi's)


mpence said...

What did the abortion clinic think of her going in to talk to their clients?

What did she say to them?

What did they have to do as far as home study, legal fees, birth certificate, etc. costs?

Anonymous said...

When you do an open adoption, you don't have to do all the things that is required when you go through agencies, ie home studies, etc. All you need is an agreement between the two families and an attorney to have paperwork to sign over legal rights. Birth certificates are easy enough to get through the attorney too.

As for the abortion clinic, I think it will probably all depend on where you are. Some won't allow anyone to come in to the clinic unless you have an appointment, in that case you could talk to them before they go in. There are always ways around their "rules".