Sunday, October 31, 2010

Evangelism in the UK

Here is an excerpt from a great article by Paul Levy,  to read the article in its in entirety go to Reformation 21.

"If in our evangelism we are saying it's not the simple teaching of the life giving word that does the job, there is a danger that is how our converts will go on in the faith. The bible is plain do not put your trust in princes or minor celebrities, have faith in the gospel word to do it's work.  That is the battle I face as a Christian and a minister do I really believe the word has the power to change my life and peoples lives or do I need something else. It's the battle in the church and it's increasingly the battle in evangelism."

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Sandra said...

AMEN! We don't celebrate non-holiday's or Holy Days, we do celebrate Reformation and thank God for the privilege. There are so many who base their Christianity on feelings or their opinions, it's frightening enough without bringing halloweenie into the picture.