Thursday, July 2, 2009

Horse Riding Lessons

Last month, Hannah & Alicia began horse riding lessons. They are really loving it and are improving with only two lessons so far. Thank you, Stephanie for taking your time and sharing your experience to teach my ladies how to ride and encourage their love for horses.

Hannah during her second horse riding lesson
Alicia riding high in the saddle


Carrie said...


Oh how much fun for your girls...girls have such a love for horses...I am glad that they can have lessons! They are looking good in the saddles!

Becki said...

How cool! We are on a waiting list for lessons for Abby this fall :)

Lanita said...

Becki, I sure hope Abby gets to take the lessons. I know my girls have been doing their own studying between lessons. They want to find all they can out about horses. It has been really good for them. Ralph said we can get a horse, once we get our property, if it is a working horse. That really "spurred" the girls on in their desire for lessons.

Becki said...

Well, we definitely live in horse country. It's funny we are in walking distance of the mall, but there are horses down the street, our neighbor 3 houses down just got goats awhile back and another neighbor has some chickens(and a loud rooster!LOL). Abby's love of horses just keeps growing and growing, she's been reading all about them, and I've tried to incorporate some into her schooling as well :)