Friday, February 20, 2009

Retirement home

Every 3rd Thursday Mom ,Alicia and I will go visit a retirement home in Stanwood.

When we first started Alicia and I were very shy of them we did not talk to any of the residents very much
, but now Alicia and I have made a new friend. We always are excited to go visit
her and she is always excited to see us when we come. We go to the retirement home with several of our other friends so they bring several residents out in to their activity room and we do crafts or play games with the residents.

Yesterday we went and made ice cream in a bag, it was a lot of fun. The residents all got to shake the bag then we all, even the residents, got to have a little bite of ice cream.

We have done so many fun things there. Alicia and I always look forward to going, not for the fun things or the crafts that we do, but because we love to visit our new friend. When we are with her time goes by so quickly that when it is time for us to go she always asks us if we will come to see her the next month. We always tell her that we hope so and then she is happy to let us go because she knows that we will visit her again. We always have fun and always look forward to the next time we go to visit her.
(mom added this)

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