Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We pray that you had a wonderful time with your family, yesterday, as you celebrated the birthday of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We had a wonderful surprise...our oldest daughter and son-in-law showed up on Christmas eve and spent Christmas day and just left today. We enjoyed having all of our children around us. We never know when it will happen again.

We are looking forward to the new year and what it holds for us. We know that God is already in 2009 and knows what will occur. We leave the future in His Hands and rest in His love today.


Regina said...

Wow! What a blessing to have all your children together. May God bless you to have many more celebrations with the table full of decendents who serve Him!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a wonderful blessing. We never know when we will all be together again. So we enjoy the time that we do have. Especially since I had an aunt who died on Christmas day this year, we want to cherish all the time we have together with our immediate and extended family. (Maybe our table will be even fuller next year.)

Jennifer said...

Hey - great family photo! Serenity and I were admiring your dresses. Beautiful, Lanita!