Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas: Thinking About Whose Birthday It Is

 "Strange, the way children teach men.It was dark, I do remember that. Bedtime. Smoothing back hair, kissing foreheads. One round moon hanging large outside the window, an ornament dangling off stars, decorating the night. I had gifts to wrap. So, pull up the blankets. Prayers. And then, when I’m at the door, one hand on the door frame, resting in the light of the hallway, I turn to close the door a bit on the dark and he stops me with just one question:
“What does Jesus get for His birthday?”"

Go to A Holy Experience and read Ann's entire recalling of this incident and how it has changed her families way of looking at Christmas and how they now celebrate the birthday of Jesus. 

I challenge you to rethink how you and your family approach this time of the year.

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